Top ten art crime websites



Over the last three years the information and attention paid to art crime has undoubtedly improved.
I thought I’d jot down the websites that I use the most, in case you haven’t come across  them yet- let me know if there are any corkers I’ve missed!

In no particular order:

    • ARCA, The Association for Research into Crimes Against Art is a think tank with big ambition. It costs to sign up to the Journal, but the blog is free and well worth a peek- some original and interesting research has come out of the group:
    • The FBI’s art theft program runs a fairly comprehensive look at recently stolen works- they’ve also set up a searchable database- if any of you have used it yet, would be keen to hear of your experiences:
    • Run by Mark Durney, the art theft central blog brings a bit more academia to the platform:
    • Quite a confusing layout and I’m unsure of how up-to- date it’s kept, however, there are good nuggets of info tucked away here:
    • Of course, the art hostage– best place for the most current information:
    • is more of a resource for general information on fraud around the artworld, rather than the latest news. However, it’s  concise, well thought-out and a useful place for background info:
    • Nic Forrest’s art market analysis blog often features discussion on art crime- his interest likely coming from his graduate studies  in art authentication. Well informed and reliable:
Paint cans



  • I can’t think of a 10th I actually find useful- ideas?

About artsnitcher

Having worked at Scotland Yard's art squad for a couple of years, I am hooked on all things art-crime related. Fraud, money laundering and general issues around the protection of cultural property will all be discussed here, so feel free to get in touch with any news I've missed!
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